SolidShare Firewall

SolidShare Firewall 2.6

Software program for securing your network

SolidShare Firewall is a software program for securing your network. It allows you to set up your own security policy by configuring a set of rules that specify which sites and applications can pass through the server computer.

The program can also perform Network Address Translation for multiple users to share a single internet connection. It also serves as a built-in firewall which can prevent resource exposure and defend your PC from attacks.

SolidShare Firewall has several features including a content filter, an import favorites function, and application filters. The program controls application-specific traffic with its data-aware filters.

These filters are used to determine if different packets should be accepted, rejected, redirected, or modified. You can also configure different rules that control how your internal client user or user group can access internet sites or applications.

The program also allows you to publish internal servers to the internet without risking security. SolidShare Firewall can be used anywhere from your house to your office in securing your network.

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SolidShare Firewall


SolidShare Firewall 2.6

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